996 side viewThis information is for the following Porsche models and years:

– 1997 to 2001Porsche 911 (996) Carrera, 4, S – years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

Engine Technical data

Engine code: M 96/01
Number of cylinders: 6
Bore: 96 mm (3.78 in.)
Stroke: 78 mm (3.07 in.)
Displacement: 3387 cm3 (206.67 cu. in.)
Compression ratio: 11.3 : 1
Max. engine power: 220 kW (300 HP) @ 6000 rpm as per 80/1269/EWG
Max. torque: 350 Nm (259 ftlb.) @ 4750 rpm as per 80/1269/EWG
Max. power output per litre: 63.8 kW/l (86.8 HP /l)
Max engine rpm: 7300 rpm (limited by fuel supply interruption)
Idle speed rpm: 700 rpm
Engine weight (manual transmission): 190 kg (418.86 lbs) – as per DIN 70020, including dual-mass flywheel
Engine weight (Automatic transmission): 179 kg (394.60 lbs) – as per DIN 70020, including dual-mass flywheel

Engine Design Information

Engine Type: 6-cylinder aluminium opposed-cylinder (boxer) engine, water cooled
Radiators: Two in the front end (+ 3rd radiator if equiped with Tiptronic transmission)
Crankcase: Vertically split light alloy cylinder housing with separate crankshaft bearing housing
Crankshaft: Forged, supported by 7 bearings
Crankshaft bearings: Plain bearings
Connecting rods: Forged
Con-rod bearings: Plain bearings
Pistons: Light alloy, pressed
Cylinders: Lokasil cylinder lining
Cylinder head: 3-part light alloy head
Valve guide: Pressed in
Valve arrangement: 2 inlet valves suspended in parallel V arrangement; 2 exhaust valves suspended in parallel V arrangement
Valve control: Via flat-based tappets
Camshaft: From the crankshaft via a double chain to the intermediate shaft, and from there to the exhaust camshafts via one double chain each. Inlet camshaft coupled with exhaust camshaft via a single chain.
Camshaft adjustment: Porsche VarioCam with 25º adjustment
Valve clearance: Hydraulic valve clearance compensation
Valve timing (with 1 mm valve travel and zero clearance)

Inlet opens: 15º after TOC
Inlet closes: 59º after BOC
Outlet opens: 39º before BOC
Outlet closes: 7º before TOC

Intake System: 2-stage tuned-intake system (plastic)
Engine cooling: Water cooling; two radiators ahead of the front wheels. (Additional radiator for Tiptronic vehicles). Two electric fans, controlled in two stages

Engine lubrication Type: Integrated dry sump
Oil cooling: Via oil-water heat exchanger
Oil filter: On pressure side behind oil pump
Oil pressure at 5000 rpm: Approx. 0.5 bar at 90 °C
Oil pressure indication: Oil pressure indicator light
Oil consumption: Max approx. 1.0 l/1000 km

Exhaust system: 2-pipe system with one 3-way catalytic converter per pipe, 2 rear mufflers
Emission control: Oxygen sensor closed-loop control and 3-way catalytic converter (metallic substrate). USA cars have additional electrical secondary-air pump

Heating: Via water heat exchanger, closed loop-controlled on air side

Fuel injection system: DME (Digitale -Motor -Elektronik -engine control module ECM). Injection valves controlled sequentially
Fuel supply: 1 electrical internal gear fuel pump
Fuel quality (RON): 98 unleaded

Electrical system technical data

Radio interference suppression: ECE-R 10 and 72/245/EWG
Rated voltage: 12v
Battery capacity/amperage: 70Ah / 340A
Rated generator output: 1680 W (alternator)

Ignition: DME (ECM) with individual ignition coils and knock control
Firing order: 1-6-2-4-3-5
Ignition timing control: Via DME (ECM)
Spark plugs: Bosch FR 6 LDC or Beru 14 FR 6 LDU
Electrode gap: 0.8 + 0.1 mm (0.031 + 0.004 in)

Transmission Details

Power transmission: Engine and transmission bolted together to form a power unit. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via double-jointed drive shafts.
Clutch Manual transmission: Single-plate dry clutch. Hydraulic actuation. Double-mass flywheel. Contact plate GGG 60 (nodular cast iron). Clutch plate diameter 240mm
Automatic transmission Torque Converter diameter: 260 mm (11.03 in) Screw center point diameter, 282 mm (11.11 in) Largest outer diameter, screwed axially
Moving-off ratio: 1.92
Stall speed: 2450 rpm

Manual transmission code Carrera 2: G 96.00
Automatic Tiptronic Transmission code Carrera 2: A 96.00

Number of gears, forward/reverse: 6/1 (manual), 5/1 (tiptronic auto)

Manual Transmission ratios:
1st gear: 3.82
2nd gear: 2.20
3rd gear: 1.52
4th gear: 1.22
5th gear: 1.02
6th gear: 0.84
Reverse gear: 3.55
Final drive ratio: 3.444

Automatic Tiptronic Transmission ratios:
1st gear: 3.66
2nd gear: 2.0
3rd gear: 1.41
4th gear: 1.0
5th gear: 0.74
Reverse gear: 4.10
Final drive ratio: 3.676

Final drive: Bevel gear wheel

Manual Transmission weight (dry): 60.5 kg (133.4 lbs)
Automatic Tiptronic Transmission weight (dry): 106.82 (235.48 lbs) with torque converter; 94.72 (208.8 lbs) with torque converter;

Manual Transmission weight (wet and ready for installation): 62.9 kg (138.6 lbs)
Automatic Tiptronic Transmission weight (wet and ready for installation): 115.62 kg (254.88 lbs) with torque converter; 103.52 kg (228.21 lbs) without torque converter

Suspension and steering technical information

Front axle: Vibration dampers, Wheels individually suspended by control arms with trailing arms and spring struts (McPherson type, Porsche optimized). One truncated cone spring per wheel, with Double-acting hydraulic twin-tube gas-filled vibration damper inside of spring.

Rear axle: Multi-link axle. Wheels individually guided by 5 control arms. One cylindrical coil spring per wheel, with coaxial Double-acting hydraulic single-tube gas-filled vibration damper inside the spring

Steering wheel diameter: 380 mm (14.97 in)
Steering ratio: 16.9:1
Turning circle diameter: 10.6 m (34.8 ft)
Track circle diameter: 10.2 m (33.5 ft)
Steering wheel turns from lock to lock: 2.98
Power steering pump: Driven via poly V-belt (Ratio 1:1.18)


Operating brake: Foot operated, hydraulic-mechanical boost Dual-circuit brake system. 4-piston AI monobloc brake calipers in front and rear axle. Internally ventilated brake discs both front and rear. ABS as standard, Traction Control (TC) optional with switch-over possibility to automatic brake differential (ABD).
Vacuum brake booster (boost factor): 3.85
Brake master cylinder diameter: 23.81 mm (0.94 in)
Brake master cylinder stroke: 18 mm (0.71 in)

Pressure reducer, switching-on pressure: 55 bar
Pressure reducer, reducing factor: 0.46

Brake discs diameter – Front: 318 mm (12.53 in)
Brake discs diameter – Rear: 299 mm (11.78 in)
Effective brake disc diameter – Front: 261.8 mm (10.31 in)
Effective brake disc diameter – Rear: 247.6 mm (9.75 in)
Brake disc thickness – Front: 28 mm (1.10 in)
Brake disc thickness – Rear: 24 mm (0.95 in)

Effective total brakearea per wheel – Front: 127 cm2 (19.69 sq.in)
Effective total brakearea per wheel – Rear: 98 cm2 (15.195 sq.in)

Brake caliper piston diameter – Front: 36 mm (1.42 in) and 40 mm (1.576 in)
Brake caliper piston diameter – Rear: 28 mm (1.10 in) and 30 mm (1.182 in)

Parking brake: Drum-type parking brake
Parking Brake drum diameter: 180 mm (7.092 in)
Parking Brake shoe width: 25 mm (0.985 in)

Lining area per wheel: 85 cm2 (13.08 sq. in)

Wheels and tyres specifications

Tyre size and alloys, front:
205/50 ZR 17 – 7J x 17 – 55mm offset
225/40 ZR 18 – 7.5J x 18 – 50mm offset

Tyre size and alloys, rear:
255/40 ZR 17 – 9J x 17 – 55mm offset
265/35 ZR 18 – 10J x 18 – 65mm offset

Porsche 996 Dimensions and Weights

Length: 4430 mm (174.54 in)
Width: 1765 mm (69.5 in)
Height: 1305 mm (51.42 in) at DIN empty weight
Wheelbase: 2350 mm (92.59 in)

Front Track width: 1455 mm (57.33 in) with 17″ alloys, 1465 mm (57.72 in) with 18″ alloys
Rear Track width: 1500 mm (59.10 in) with 17″ alloys, 1480 mm (58.31 in) with 18″ alloys

Ground clearance: 100 mm (3.94 in), 65 mm (2.56 in) at max. gross weight

Ramp angle: 13.0 degrees
Overhang angle front: 12.0 degrees
Overhang angle rear: 14.5 degrees

Weights according to DIN 700 20

Weights depending on equipment

Total weight, Coupe, manual transmission: 1320 – 1380 kg (2909.9 -3042.2 lbs.)
Total weight, Coupe, tiptronic transmission: 1365 – 1425 kg (3009.1 -3141.4 lbs.)
Front weight, manual transmission: 500 – 540 kg
Front weight, tiptronic transmission: 505 – 545 kg
Rear weight, manual transmission: 820 – 840 kg
Rear weight, tiptronic transmission: 860 – 880 kg

Permissible axle load, Coupe, front: 775 kg (1708.49 lbs.)
Permissible axle load, Coupe, rear: 1100 kg (2425.06 lbs.)
Max. gross weight, manual: 1720 kg (3791.74 lbs.)
Max. gross weight, tiptronic: 1765 kg (3791.74 lbs.)

Permissible roof load With original Porsche Roof transport System: 75 kg (165 lbs.)